Thursday, 11 June 2009

RoCoCo DJ Rebel Rebel - Anti Style Launch by Keanan Duffty and Paul Gorman


REBEL REBEL is the exciting new book about the look dominating fashion from the catwalk to the club: rebel style.

Tracing the roots of rebel style from iconic movie stars, performers and subversive artists to today’s cutting-edge designers and those rocking the fashion norm on the street, REBEL REBEL is the anti-style bible that will inspire fresh waves of designers, fashionistas and club kids alike. Rebel style is all about wearing commonly available items with a sense of creativity and irony. The classic leather jacket (think Brando or Joan Jett) remains a symbol of "outsider-dom", while jeans have been re-imagined as a style centrepiece by every generation. The skirt is constantly being reappraised, whether it’s mini, peasant, or frou-frou, to simultaneously celebrate and subvert images of femininity.

Author Keanan Duffty is a leading designer whose collections are inspired by subcultures and a rich mix of high fashion with music and youth culture. He is also the only designer to have collaborated with David Bowie on a clothing collection; their limited edition menswear range Bowie By Keanan sold through 1200 Target outlets in the US.

Drawing on his experiences as a rebellious teen in the north of England, out-there art student at leading London college Central Saint Martins, electro-pop artist, night-clubber extraordinaire, and membership of NYC’s downtown art-scene, Keanan unpicks the look and investigates the individual elements of rebel style in a series of highly visual sections.

REBEL REBEL is an ultra-cool document of our times, chock full of insider tips and revelations not only from Keanan’s life and career but also from the worlds of celebrity, fashion, movies, art and music.

Appealing to those interested in visual expression as well as fans of pop culture keen for guidance from one who truly knows, REBEL REBEL contains more than 300 images, ranging from street shots taken from Las Vegas to Tokyo and catwalk photos from New York, London and Paris. There are also heaps of iconic images of such rebel stars as Keith Richards, Iggy Pop, Marlon Brando, Amy Winehouse, Agyness Deyn and Kate Moss.

REBEL REBEL features an extra special foreword by BP Fallon, the rock & roll guru to the likes of John Lennon, Led Zeppelin, Courtney Love and U2.

URBAN OUTFITTERS is hosting the UK launch at their flagship store at Oxford Circus, London on June 4th, Rebel Rebel designers RoCoCo Atelier will be djing.

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