Monday, 11 January 2010

Ideas for SS11 Collection

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year!

At RoCoCo as well as finalising delivery of our SS10 Collection we're already thinking about SS11 - the usual crazy fashion industry gap between design and delivery. Off the back of the credit crunch and individualism gone wild in the US and all over the world it's time to take stock of what we're doing and living for. The ancient greek, norse, egyptian and celtic legends are full of tales of nobility and valour for a reason. People have heroes to look up to, to emulate and to draw strength from and we want to bring some idea of this to the next collection - with our trademark sense of humour of course.

We'd like our next collection to imbue our wearers with the greatness of heroes and let them feel a gentle nobility. Images of saints, gods, rock stars, scientists, philosophers with a touch of the iconoclastic. Literalism has gone too far and given rise to global extremism. It's time to look beyond the literal to the ideas behind and the symbols which aim to express humanity through the lens of each culture.

More soon :)

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